The Nature of the Writings

As regards myself, I have not been allowed to take anything from the mouth of any spirit, nor from the mouth of any angel, but from the mouth of the Lord alone. (De Verbo 13.). It has pleased the Lord now to reveal many arcana of heaven... This revelation is meant by the Second Coming of the Lord. (A. E. 641.). By the Word is meant all Divine Truth from the Lord in His kingdom... And because the truth is meant, therefore by the Word is meant every revelation. (A. C. 2894.) All Divine Truth is called the Word. (A. C. 5075.). The spiritual sense of the Word has been disclosed by the Lord through me. . . . The Lord Himself is in it with His own Divine, . . . and not a jot could have been opened except by the Lord alone. This surpasses all revelations which have hitherto been since the creation of the world. By this revelation there is opened a communication with the angels of heaven. (Inv. 43-44.)

The Way Leading to Conjugial Love

We read: "But because it is unknown in what the masculine and in what the feminine essentially consist, it shall be stated in a few words. The difference consists in the fact that in the male the inmost is love and its clothing is wisdom, or what is the same, he is love veiled over with wisdom, and that in the female the inmost is that wisdom of the male, and its clothing is the love therefrom. But this love is feminine love and is given by the Lord to the wife through the wisdom of the husband, and the former love is masculine love, and is the love of growing wise, and is given by the Lord to the husband according to the reception of wisdom. It is from this that the male is the wisdom of love, and the female is the love of that wisdom. (C.L. 32)

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